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Our first guest blog: The Tiny Sleep Sanctuary – Baby & Infant Sleep Coach

Are you an exhausted parent on the brink of burnout?

Do you lack in energy and struggle to cope or enjoy parenting due to lack of sleep?

Would you like support to find a solution that works for your child and family to get more sleep?

My name is Kim and I’m a certified baby and infant sleep coach working with children from birth to 6 years old. I work with families to provide gentle, responsive and holistic sleep support that is solution focused and family centred.

I understand that every child is a unique individual and I create bespoke plans in collaboration with families to reflect this. I take time to get to know the family I work with – their environment, situation, parenting style and the personality and temperament of their child and provide information, education, support and options to help families reach their sleep goals.

Sleep is important for babies, children, and adults alike. As parents, we cannot pour from an empty cup and my approach will have the whole family feeling more rested!

Whether it is cat-napping, settling, sleep routines or making big changes like night weaning, I am ready for your call or to kick start your sleep consultation to have the whole family sleeping better. Whenever I hear from a family about their success in their new sleep routine, I do a little happy dance knowing that their life is forever changed. I hope I am dancing for you next!

Please get in touch for a free discovery call:

Instagram: @thetinysleepsanctuary

Mobile: 07707163980

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