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Our very first Little Leeds blog.

Updated: May 9, 2023

Hello and welcome to Little Leeds!

Where do we begin? I guess from the beginning which is exactly where we are; as this is being typed Little Leeds is merely an idea (and an epic one at that!).

Eventually Little Leeds will be a modern and chic space for grown ups to enjoy whilst little ones play - or that's what we're aiming for. Like I said, it's just an idea!

As it stands, we don't have anything firm in place apart from our website which is currently unpublished and basically a giant to do list of things we need to research and find answers for.

For the time being we're going to use the blog to document the Little Leeds journey.. in the hope that it isn't in vain and one day someone will read it, and be fascinated by where it all started.

Until our next post here's a picture of us (the faces behind Little Leeds) from last weekend; on our first 2023 Leeds Deli Girls Night Out with all the gorgeous mums we've made friends with over the last year at The Leeds Deli Mum Club. You don't understand how hard it's been keeping our new venture a secret from you all!

Big love, Little Leeds x

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