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Keep your friends close and your snacks closer; food is a real priority to us at Little Leeds - two of us married chefs it's that important. We wanted the food you're picking up off your little ones plates to be parent approved so let's start with the little ones.

Despite our children coming from a family of foodies it doesn't stop them from being a little fussy from time to time. We wanted to create a menu that encouraged them to experiment with new and nutritious flavours with no nasties. No matter the allergens (or their level of fussy) we have something for every little tummy. Our 'Toddler Tapas' allows your little ones to have the freedom to choose exactly what they want to eat. 

We've got the grown ups covered too, food is fuel after all! As much as we love a jacket potato.. you won't find any here, much like our sister company, The Leeds Deli, we want you to indulge in delicious food - and we don't hold back on flavour.
It’s simple really... we're real families with a real hunger for the whole family to enjoy eating out. 

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