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Food Curious Food

Food and Drink Consultant

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors with Expert Food Product Consultancy

Katharine Shipley is an industry expert with over 18 years’ experience working in food retail product development for brands including Asda, Wm Morrison and Co-op. She’s a food product development, trends and innovation specialist.

An exceptional food professional, Katharine loves creating new and innovative food concepts. With her vast knowledge of supply chain and industry sectors, she understands the food development process and how to bring everything together.

An astute and commercially aware business professional, Katharine takes great personal interest and is totally committed to your business. She makes bringing products to market easier, quicker and less stressful.”

Being naturally curious and with a love of food, Katharine is a great team player - friendly, personable and a great communicator. Working closely with brands to bring concepts to life, she blends your vision with the wants and needs of consumers, delivering market-leading products.

With her combination of knowledge, commercial awareness, creativity and a desire to improve health and nutrition, Katharine is uniquely placed to take projects from concept to global growth.

Like to know more about Katharine and how she can help your business grow?

Services include:

  • Trend & Market Insight

    • Understand your market better and see how food trends will effect your products. Keep relevant with your audience by differentiating your product and adding more value. Unleash your product’s potential by having more information at your fingertips. With food market insights and reports, you’ll drive your business towards greater success.

  • Product Strategy & Proposition

    • Grow your business with creative strategies and build a roadmap for success. Generate new ideas, innovative new ranges and propositions for your business. Solidify your market position and future-proof expansion. Speed up your project delivery and bring commercially viable food concepts to market quicker. Gain more market share and stay ahead of your competition.


  • Product Development & Innovation

    • Develop market-leading ranges with expert assessment of taste and appearance. Increase the potential of both your new and existing food products.  We’ll identify opportunities for new products and ranges, helping you increase your market share and grow your business

  • Training, Culture & Engagement

    • Drive your business forward with increased employee, investor and stakeholder engagement. Outshine your competitors with a team that’s energised and committed to your success. With over 18 years in the food industry, we can help your team understand the food market better so they can share your vision and take your business forward.



Food Curious Food
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