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Daisy First Aid Leeds, Harrogate & Ripon

Baby & Child First Aid classes for parents and families

Our award winning 2 hour baby & child first aid classes for families are easy to follow and practical. We will give you hands on training for a variety of situations where time can make all the difference. The classes we provide are designed to give you information in an easy to absorb way. There are no tests.

Our class is safe during pregnancy and babies under 12 months are very welcome too, so no need for childcare.  Please do not worry about feeding, nappy changes or there being noise.  It won't be any problem at all.

Our class covers:

· What to do in an emergency

· Recovery Positions for babies and children

· How to give CPR for babies and children

· How to deal with Choking· Head injuries

· Febrile Seizures (infant fits)· Bleeding· Burns

· Fractures & Dislocations· Anaphylaxis (severe allergic reactions)

· How to spot signs of Meningitis

· Poisoning· Shock



Daisy First Aid Leeds, Harrogate & Ripon
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