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Apollo Nutrition

Nutritionists, PT and Coach

I qualified as a nutritionist nearly 6 years ago and set up my company because so many people go round in circles with fitness and the missing link is food. Why we eat the way we do, why we use food to regulate emotions, how we enjoy all foods and maintain a healthy body too, diet culture and the patriarchy have alot to answer for, but it's our own responsibility to change that narrative and take steps forward with our health for our own happiness, but also for our families happiness & health too.

I struggled with eating disorders as a child and was in the fitness industry from a very young age, solely as a reason to remain in a lean body. It was only when I realised that my life purpose wasn't to be small and always on a diet, that I truly healed my own relationship with food & my body. I knew if I got qualified I could support others with this too, because so many people get into fitness with the right intentions and get sucked into all the quick fixes, fads and mis information out there. The demand grew and I took on 2 incredible coaches to support more and more clients as so many people realised that their relationship with food was the reason they couldn't sustain their body composition goals.

We work 1-1, with couples, families & I work with businesses for corporate well being too. I also do lots of public speaking at various fitness expos & events, I run my own education events and workshops regularly too and hand on heart, I know I have the best job in the world.

There truly isn't a better feeling than when a client starts having those lightbulb, life changing realisations & moments and the fact that me & my girls get to support so many incredible humans with long term over all health is a dream come true for all of us. 

We create loads of free content on Instagram, our podcast, free guides and resources and are always keen to answer any questions. Of course we are a small business too and want to have as many clients as we are able too, but creating free resources for those that cant afford coaching is important to us too.



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Apollo Nutrition
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