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Little Fox Interactions

Independent Children's Speech and Language Therapist

Hello 👋🏼🦊 At Little Fox Interactions, we believe in the power of early interaction for a child's development. Our mission is to make it easy for parents and caregivers to provide their little ones with engaging activities that support their growth and learning.

Each of our curated gift boxes includes high-quality, age-appropriate items and information cards to help parents and caregivers create meaningful interactions with their children (0-1 year).

A bit about me... I'm Rachel: Founder of Little Fox Interactions. Independent Speech and Language Therapist (12 years experience). Born and bred in Yorkshire. Cheese lover. * Always up for a brew, adventure and good times...

My passion is my work as an Independent Speech and Language Therapist. I absolutely love the opportunities I get to experience every day to support little ones through to individuals at secondary school level.

The aim being to target individual needs, increase confidence and skill for the young person to communicate confidently using their own voice, thoughts, ideas and opinions - meeting their tailored goals. Supporting parents and carers is a vital role in facilitating these goals, whilst using a child-centred and holistic approach.

The aspirations of the young person is at the heart of everything I do and to be part of their journey is always an honour and something I will never take for granted ✨ here's to the next decade, which I can't wait to watch unfold.


Little Fox Interactions
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